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Just send an email to us with the word subscribe in the message or subject portion. We've even made it simple and included the email icon below.

Content: A literal potpourri that may at times include; rumblings "on the street" not yet in the paper, current positions in active search, a tip or two if we can find an expert, possibly one of those infamous "insurance jokes." Got a suggestion or noteworthy piece of info? Send it to us.
How Often? Periodically. We're not rag sheet editors, but recruiters. If we don't have anything worthwhile to pass on, it's not worth your time or ours.

In What Form Will I Receive It?

Most probably text email. Nothing to download, open, name or feed.
Can I Tell A Friend? Sure. We don't discriminate even if they run the mile in more than 1 hour or wear different colored shoes.
How do I stop, if I wish? Send an email with the word unsubscribe in the message or text, along with four box tops from your favorite cereal and you're free.

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